Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Its been a while since i last updated this blog, lack of internet means i havn't had much time to sit and write a great deal, combined with the fact im fairly lazy.... Okay.. so i've been tattooing for the past five months now and i've been getting quite a bit of practice in with having a fair few friends in to tattoos and them being brave enough to let me draw on them. Thought i'd upload a few photos of the tattoos ive done so far and some im currently working on.

Shaun's chest, one of my first attempts at script so i was pretty nervous, its seems to be one of the harder elements of tattooing. Props to shaun for trusting me to do such a big piece on his chest. The tattoo is based on the book "The Greatest Show On Earth" by Richard Dawkins about evolution.. This was his second sitting, one last sitting to go where i'll add different shades of blue.

Sarah's legs, the wifey was one of the first tattoo's i did, i got a chance to get my style out in this one so its up there with one of my favourites so far. The blokey was done a few weeks later, gunna stick to similar colours in both. Chuffed that sarah gave up both her legs for me!

Different Sarah, russian doll on calf, again i tried to get my own style through.. mainly on the face. One more sitting to go, get more colour in and shading.

Liam's sailor jerry hula girl, about as traditional as you can get and pretty fun to do, guna wack some colour in soon.

Joe's blokey smoken a pipe with all seeing eye, straight out my sketch book.. Currently drawing up a wifey in a veil smoking for his other leg...

Dave my work mate's candle burning at both ends, drilled the fuck out of his shin bone, colour to come soon.

Chris's traditional style ship and St elmo's fire (lightning).. representing his new career in the navy, colour and shading to come when he returns from his first trip at sea.

Thats just a few images of the tattoos i've done so far.. Im currently planning a sketchbook and a few sheets of flash to give people some options and ideas for future tattoos. Really enjoying tattooing so far and looking forward to learning more... watch this space

p.s Get in touch if your interested in getting some work done by me.. thanks.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I couldn't find an email adress to get in touch with you. We might be interested in using one of your illustrations you posted in your blog. Can you get in touch with me via maier(@)