Tuesday, 20 April 2010


After years of trying i'v eventually went and got a tattoo apprenticeship, I owe a pint or two to a couple of friends for a putting a good word in, cheers!. Im working at Arthur T sharp's in Heaton, newcastle.. Been at it for few weeks now, hanging around the shop, drawing designs, answering the phone etc cudn't get much better. Its common to tattoo yourself before others to get used to how deep to go in to the skin, so i did my first tattoo on myself last week....

Took me just under three hours and i bottled the last leaf as i got sick of hurting myself, pretty chuffed with the outcome... no shit lines i can't fix.

Tattooing my mate Mark on sunday so i'll throw a photo up on here, document my progression...


  1. Congrats mate!

    Your free to go to work on my skin when I get back in June!

  2. Chris,
    Ton here from gascoigne. You probably thought i was drunk or whatever but i was dead serious about the drawing and getting tattoed by you.
    as a matter of fact next friday me and my mates in dirty east are getting the shovel tattoed. I don´t know if it´s possible to get a design from you before friday? I´d prefer that over just getting the shovel. And if you want we can stick something else on at trashfest. I´ll pay in cans of cheap beer.

    let me know.. tonvandermost (at) gmail dotcom