Monday, 4 January 2010

DALLAS TX 04:01:10

First post of the year!

I recently decided to take a trip to Dallas Texas to visit my Uncle Paul and his family for a few months, thought i'd write a little bit about what i've been doing.

The flight was the most bored i've been in a long time, but i expected it being sat for 11 hours, middle of the plane no window view or anything! Im working for my uncle at his computer company just sorting the warehouse out to earn my keep while im staying here, massive change from getting up at 12 most days with not having a job for the past 6 months, still not used to the early mornings. Moneys good.. It means i can get pissed at the weekend. Im staying with my Uncle's assistant Marcela, she had a spare room and agreed to let me stay there, shes really easy to get along with which was a relief as i had never met her before. She has a dog which i can't pronounce the name to, chacito or something, it never leaves me alone and is constantly jumping on me while i watch TV, she also likes singing mexican songs realy lould in the car while we drive round town (shes mexican).

The weather has been pretty good, clear skys most days, sometimes fairly warm but not hot, it did snow all day on Christmas eve which was a bit mental as the day before it was around 20 degrees, then Christmas day it was back to being clear skys again. Christmas was good even though i was away from the family, i did miss the annual Devine piss up.... My Uncle threw a party at a friends bar a few days before, free drink, DJ etc. It was good even though i did get punched in the stomach off some 50 odd year old mental irish guy whos knowing to be a bit of a nightmare. We went to church which i havn't done in years aside from weddings, funerals etc.. my aunties family are pretty religous.

New Year was fun, we went to some fancy party Paul's mate was holding at a bar called The Apartment, everyone was all suited and booted, i was still in the usual jeans and vans, we left straight after 12 and got smashed sat at the bar in The Capital, one of our usual haunts.. i cant remember going to bed that night... So far i've met loads of really sound people, aswell as the odd mad heed.. so far so good.

Plans for the remaining weeks.... go to Austin, Go to New york, go to Mardi gras,get a tattoo, blitz round Dallas on a BMX. see what happens..........

Also hopefully get some pictures up soon.. watch this space.

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