Wednesday, 3 March 2010


So im coming to the end of my stay in Dallas Texas, Been here for just under 3 months. It feels like forever since i was back in newcastle and im quite suprised at how much ive missed it, Ive had a sweet time over here but i've definately missed family n friends. It feels like im just starting to get used to the american way of life, who knows i mite be back very soon...

Ever since i got here i said i was going to get a tattoo, i wanted my bands name as i've had some of the best times with that lot as well as Whitley Bay for all the other sweet friends and memories along with it being funny just to get it tattoed on me, also i wanted to get something that represented my stay in america so this is what i got....

Got it done at Elm Street Tattoo shop by Oliver Peck, vans pro skate boarder, owner of the world record for the most tattoos done in one day and ex husband of Kat Von D. He sponsors my friend Shannons Girls Football team "elm street panthers" so she knows him pretty well and managed to get me a slot while he was back from being on tour, which he is a lot.. Was chuffed to have eventually got the tat done, down for life..

Heres a few drawings i've been doing to add to the collection of Birds... enjoy

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