Saturday, 16 January 2010


Today me and Marcela decided to hit up Fort Worth, Dallas' neighbouring city. We left the house round 11:00, neither of us had eaten breakfast so we stopped at a small mexican cafe when we arrived in fort worth.... i went for a BLT sarnie so not realy experimenting much on the mexican front, i'm not that impressed by American bacon neither, but it went down well and set us up for the day.

After breaky we checked on the sat nav for some near by attractions, looked up art galleries and found a few in the centre of fort worth. The first gallery was a bit shit to be fair, realistic paintings of cowboys n indians doesn't do much for me, there was the odd nice piece here and there but nothing worth mentioning.

Second stop was just down the road, The Museum of Modern art. There was pieces from the likes of Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Robert rauschenberg and Francis Bacon. I was pretty chuffed as i've been a "fan" of Rauschenberg's work for some time so it was nice to finaly see some of his work in the flesh so to speak... They're holding an exhibition of Warhols work in a couple of weeks so half of the Gallery/Museum was closed off, i mite have to pop back for that.

The Building itself was pretty amazing, after we had a good look around i purchased a book from the gift shop on Mexican Folk art, day of the dead, sugar skulls etc

Next we went to another art museum across the street as it was advertising Michelangelo's first painting, he did it when he was just 13 and it was dated back to the 1400's. I ended up buying the other book on Durer, Marcela bought a Matisse print and the lady on the desk was a complete racist and served her with the worst attitude after being fairly nice and polite while serving me.

Michelangelo's first painting!!!!
The rest of the museum was fairly shit so we left and headed down to the stock yards... when we got there it was like stepping in to an old western film, loads of cowboys on horses, people cracking whips etc... We went in to an antiques shop called The Cross Eyed Moose, it was full of stuffed animals heads and anything u can imagine to do with cowboys, even real snake heads made in to key rings.

The longhorn bull and Marcela...

A dog,cat,rat pyramid...
After a wander we went to Joe-T. Garcia's for some Enchiladas and their famous Margaritas before heading home...

Back home getting ready to go on the lash.... in a bit...

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  1. haha yeah man. Im loving these blog posts. keep em coming braaah.

    when you get back weve got weekenders/tours gettin sorted with a band called grazes from sheffield and another with black wolves.

    miss you mate x